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For industries from transport and construction to quarrying, agricultural, and marine

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CAM is New Zealand's oldest, largest, and most successful diesel industry and equipment trade magazine.

A buy, sell, branding publication servicing the following industries:

Transport, trucking, contracting, engineering, road building, marine, construction, material handling, forestry, stationary engines, mining and quarrying, and agricultural

CAM is primarily a business tool with its strength being a huge targeted circulation. Readers use CAM as a trade directory/phone book for products and services. The magazine is available in stores or you can subscribe to our monthly magazine.

CAM's front cover, which is dominated by a bold masthead, has made it a high profile brand. The magazine is in every office, cab, truck and workshop in the listed industries above. It is durable and noticeable. Talk to anyone in the industry and they will tell you CAM is recognised everywhere.

CAM is printed 12 times in a year.

Readership: 136,000

(Nielsen National Readership Survey, Q4 2020 – Q3 2021) 

12 issues per year – Out the first week of every month